Gingko Design Mini Halo One Bluetooth Speaker Beech


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Gingko is a designer and manufacturer of design-led gifts based in the UK. Their original Halo One design Bluetooth/NFC speaker, has an aesthetically shaped sound box featuring smooth curves and finished with a beech thermoplastic (ABS) finish.

The Mini Halo One is a smaller version, finished in matt black, beech or walnut thermoplastic (ABS). They both have touch sensitive controls and deliver a high quality listening experience.

The touch sensitive control panel is underneath the exterior surface of the sound box and powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. To activate the Halo One or Mini Halo One’s, simply touch the on/off switch, and adjust the sound volume by sliding up or down with one finger on the touch panel.

The Mini Halo One is built with TWS technology, so you can pair up two Mini Halo One speakers to have a great stereo sound.